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Rental FAQ

Can I look up my NEMC rental account online?

Yes! NEMC customers who rented online can view and manage their rental account using their username and password credentials. Rental customers who rented from an NEMC Affiliate using a paper contract can also view their rental account details online. Rental customers should first create a Parent Account at www.nemc.com/parents/signup. Once your account is created, login, click on Manage Your Account, then click on Activate Account in the upper right corner of the page. Fill in the account details from your rental contract in the Pop-Up window and click Submit. Once your account is activated, you can edit your Account Profile, make online payments, sign up for EasyPay, request emailed Billing Notifications, and also view your account payment history. For our PDF download, go to: /resources/downloads

Can I make my NEMC rental payments online?

Absolutely! We now have online payments available. There are several payment options available:
We offer our Easy-Pay Monthly Rental Payment Plan where the monthly fee is automatically billed to your credit or debit card, on time every month. Many of our customers opt for this plan primarily for the convenience.

Another option is the use of our Online Payment Program. Once logged into your Parent Portal account, click on Manage Your Account, then View History next to your account information.

For convenience, customers can also opt for Emailed Billing Notices which will send a payment reminder notice to your Email Inbox one week prior to the payment due date. This option is located under the Customer Details section.

NEMC still offers bar-coded contract-term coupons to customers which are mailed with a set of NEMC-addressed mailing labels. These can be requested via telephone ((800) 526-4593(800) 526-4593 FREE).

What happens if I misplaced my NEMC rental payment coupons or the mailing labels?

NEMC can still process your payment quickly if you provide your NEMC rental account number (and lessee name if different from the checking account name) on the memo line of your check.  Rental Payments should be made payable to NEMC, and mailed to:

National Educational Music Co Ltd
P.O. Box 40145
Newark, NJ 07101-4001

NEMC offers bar-coded contract-term replacement coupons to customers by request; however, we encourage you to utilize our new online payment methods which allow you to also view your account payment history.

How can I request a catalog from NEMC?

NEMC has launched an interactive online sales catalog this year for consumers and music dealers at our retail website, www.shopnemc.com. This site has taken the place of our previously printed catalogs.

How can I enroll in NEMC’s EasyPay Monthly Rental Payment Program?

For customers not already enrolled in our convenient EasyPay Monthly Rental Payment Plan, we offer a simple sign-up form which can be downloaded, printed, then mailed (P.O. Box 1130, Mountainside, NJ 07092) or faxed (908-232-4178908-232-4178) directly to NEMC. The form can be found by clicking on RENT from our Home page. From here, click on the Resources tab, then Downloads.

You can also sign up for EasyPay when signed into your Parent Portal account. Click Manage Your Account, select View History, then Customer Details, and you can opt for EasyPay with a simple click once your credit card information is updated for your account.