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OK. This is totally your section.

This page is a just a small selection - choose from the MAKE A SELECTION tab above to SEE ALL in the Library.

Upload your videos or your performance or a video you made of your kid's great performance, your school band's last concert or just a video that you made yourself.

Also, add articles with wisdom that you have gained and can share with others. Upload. Share. Be Immortalized forever!

It's easy and pretty quick. Click on a link at the top right to upload a VIDEO or ARTICLE.

Just do it. Enjoy!

Why is music education important?

The Case for Music

Music Education Advocacy

Uploaded by schoolmusic on Dec 15, 2006. Why is music education important?Category: Music Licen...

Linking music with mathematics

Music and Mathematics

Music Education Advocacy

Uploaded by IUPUIocm on Feb 2, 2010. Purdue School of Science student, Tyler Foxworthy discusse...

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