The NEMC Rental Musical Instrument Cleaning and Sanitization Process

Although to the best of our knowledge there have not been government agency published guidelines for cleaning and sanitization specific to musical instruments, we have a high degree of confidence that our science-based protocols adhere to a CDC reviewed process for musical instrument sanitization and current government agency guidelines relating to workplace safety during this COVID-19 outbreak.

Cleaning Rented Musical Instruments: Past & Present

Back in the 1990s, NEMC consulted with a doctor in the Epidemiology branch of the CDC for the development of a proprietary cleaning and sanitization process specific to each type of musical instrument we rented. In 2002 NEMC contacted the agency to update our process.  A doctor in what was then the renamed Division of Healthcare Quality Promotion division (who happened to be an ex-Bassoon player and was familiar with musical instruments) arranged for our process of cleaning instruments to be reviewed and updated, which was completed during the month of March, 2002.

COVID-19 Inspires New Advances

In March of this year we further updated this process to adhere to new government agency guidelines for social distancing and surface sanitization to protect our workers and provide "no-touch" bagging of the sanitized instrument and case prior to shipment, ensuring that customers receive a sanitized instrument once the outer packaging was removed.


Rental Instrument Cleaning Process Overview
Our instrument s
anitization process involves multiple steps:

• First, we clean the instrument and case using various cleaning agents, soaps and an ultrasonic system to remove organic deposits, dirt and oils.

• Once clean, EPA- registered disinfectants are used to further reduce the microbe load to a level irrelevant to public health. This results in an instrument that can be accurately described as sanitized.

• The item is then bagged and prepared for shipment following a period of quarantine to ensure that any potential surface contamination due to post process handling has been neutralized.  

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