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Howell Memorial Middle School
Junkyard Jam is a rock and ethnic styled piece with "junkyard" instruments such as 5-gallon buckets and plastic garbage cans and lids. Some of the eighth graders in our band perform with the junkyard instruments. Howell Memorial band is a concert band made up of sixth, seventh, and eighth graders.
Submitted By Alspach, Larren
Stephen A. Halsey Jr. High Q157
Halsey Jr. High has over 250 students in grades 6-8 enrolled in band. We are in New York City, and most of our students rely on being able to use a school-owned instrument in order to be able to participate in band. The majority of our instruments are 20+ years old and require constant repair. Please vote for our school to help put the...
Submitted By Cuevas, Kelly
East Hills Middle School
East Hills would like to win the band instrument package so that the program can continue to grow and include more students. It is also the hope of the instrumental program to be able to offer students, who may not be able to afford to rent or purchase their own instrument, an opportunity to participate in the instrumental program.
Submitted By Davies, Christy
Reading Intermediate High School
The Reading Intermediate High School deserves to win this contest because we are in need of more instruments and support. As the years come and go, more musical, talented students sign up for concert band. With so many students, there comes a price; having enough instruments. Very little students own their own instruments, while others can...
Submitted By DiCarne, Charlie
Jensen Beach High School
The 125 students in the Jensen Beach HS Band Program work extremely hard and diligently to perfect their craft on a daily basis. Music is not just notes on a piece of paper to the students in the program. It is so much more to them. Working together, as a team, to craft a piece of music into something so spectacular is what makes the...
Submitted By Dougherty, Thomas
Hawthorne High School
The 2013-2014 Hawthorne High School Marching Band won 1st place in every competition that they entered in the Fall season. The video that you will see is the "opener" at a competition where we defeated 3 other schools, with larger bands and significantly larger school populations. We were the smallest band in our group, and we won...
Submitted By Dubois, Robert
East Allegheny High School
East Allegheny High School String Orchestra performance of Eleanor Rigby by the Beatles. Instrumental performance at morning rehearsal 4/7/2014.
Submitted By Ehrlich, Stephen
Superior Middle School
Superior Middle School Orchestra is a growing program. Each year more and more kids are signing up for Orchestra in 6th grade. We need more instruments! The prize money would be used to purchase cellos for next year's incoming class.
Submitted By Eichers, Amy
Prospect Hill Academy Charter School
Prospect Hill Academy Charter School (PHA) should win the NEMC contest because they are committed to expanding the school's instrumental music program K-12 and providing all students with the opportunity to participate. Whether it be in the traditional orchestra/school band, or the Blue Coda drumline and dance group, PHA students thrive when...
Submitted By Esko, Julia
Texas Preparatory School
Our music program instructs students to utilize the music theory method of reading music and understanding measures to create a well-rounded musician that can play all instruments. From teaching these students how to be musicians, we are also teaching them how to turn their craft into an artistic entertainment medium via Video, Digital...
Submitted By Fite, Elton
North Side High School Fort Wayne, IN
The Music Program at North Side High School means a lot to the students. I am a former student and now a mother of 1 child that already graduated and was part of the music program and have another child that is part of the music program at North Side High School.
Submitted By Freimuth, Heather
Kittanning Junior High
We are an average sized band for our school with very hard working student musicians. We have been successful and rated superior at our first adjudication. We need new things, as many instruments are breaking and were broken when the new director took over the position of band director. A winning prize would really blow this band program...
Submitted By Gamble, Denise
Richard Warren Middle School Leavenworth, Ks
Richard Warren Middle School has a population of 460 students. Of those, more than half are involved in the school music program and one hundred and thirty are in the school band. Our district has made every effort to ensure that if a kid wants to play, they should have the opportunity regardless of income. Even with their support it is...
Submitted By George, Jaye
Marcos de Niza High School Orchestra
The Orchestra Program at Marcos de Niza High School has strong traditions of musical excellence, commitment, and family. Our school prides itself on the celebration of diversity within our community. In conjunction with the Tempe Union High School District’s Mission and Vision, it is one of our goals to instill a lifelong appreciation of...
Submitted By Glasser, Scott
Armour School District
The Armour School District should win this contest because it would help provide instruments for their students to play. The Armour School District is a very rural school. Amour is 74 miles from the nearest music store with the next closest store being 95 miles away. Simply buying a reed for an instrument would involve a long trip, but the...
Submitted By Harnisch, Heather
Coeur d' Alene Charter Academy
Due to limited tax-payer funding inherent with a Charter school's budget, our music program is self-funded and relies almost solely on the financial support from participating families to provide new music, instruments, and opportunities outside of the classroom. In addition, the extreme success of our music programs has led to such rapid...
Submitted By Harrison, Michael
Cherry Hill High School East
Our orchestra program is moving forward performing the standard repertoire. The students are working very hard to achieve great results and winning this contest will motivate and encourage them further. The prizes would provide much needed equipment.
Submitted By Keleher, Timothy
Somerville Middle School
The Somerville Middle School Band Program has grown to be one-third of the total student population. As a Title I school, we strive to make quality instruments available to a large, diverse group of students. Even though we are grateful to have support from our Board of Education, limited funding prevents us from keeping up with the...
Submitted By Loreti, Stephen
Bay Shore High School
This is a video of our latest production of "The Phantom of the Opera" ALL CHOIR STUDENTS ON STAGE as well as ALL ORCHESTRA STUDENTS IN THE PIT. NO Professionals at all. This is entirely a student production.
Submitted By Mendolia, Christina
Barnegat High School
The Barnegat High School Jazz Ensemble consists of students in grades 9-12. In addition to their musical pursuits, these students are well-rounded individuals who participate in a wide array of activities including: sports (baseball, football, swimming, tennis, soccer, volleyball, cheerleading, and golf), extra-curricular activities...
Submitted By Orecchio, Anthony
Coeur d'Alene High School
We are a four year public high school with a zero hour jazz band program. These kids show up at 6:30am four days a week to attempt to swing like the Basie band. Tough sell, but they do it well! I would love to be able to provide them with more resources (like a working baritone saxophone) to be able to do our job better.
Submitted By Phillips, Jim
Jackson High School
The Jackson Band program is experiencing significant growth beyond our instrument inventory. Between the 2012-2013 and 2013-2014 school years, enrollment in the 6th grade beginning band doubled. The high school band program enrollment increased 20% from the 2012-2013 and 2013-2014 school years. The high school Jazz Band was reinstated for the...
Submitted By Rex, Aaron
Nyack High School
The Nyack Red Storm Marching band under the direction of Michael E. Smith gives these kids such a boost of confidence and the ability to work as a team and a family showing respect to each other and to other groups we compete with. It gives them true life lessons that they will carry with them for the rest of their lives
Submitted By Spezial, Chris
St. Francis de Sales School Newark, OH
The students in the St. Francis Strings meet daily after school and have grown their group into an award winning ensemble. Currently, students provide their own instruments. School owned instruments would help make the program accessible to all students.
Submitted By St Francis Strings, Kathryn Rodenberger
Eden Prairie High School
The forty members of the Eden Prairie High School Drumline, led by Scott Palmer, work their TAILS off - and that diligence and commitment has paid off. Last year, in just their second year of performing, they were elevated to the highest possible level of competition and placed tenth in the nation. This year, they'll be competing again in...
Submitted By Swan, Kevin
Charlottesville High School Orchestra
Virginia's Charlottesville High School Orchestra program has grown from eight members in 1982 to 150 and has earned a national reputation for excellence. Consisting of String Ensemble and Concert Orchestra, we have garnered top prizes in music festivals from New York to Chicago, Atlanta, Boston, Dallas, Williamsburg, the Caribbean, Virginia...
Submitted By Thomas, Laura
Elwood Kindle Elementary School
The Kindle School 5th Grade Band is one of the most exceptional group of students I have ever worked with. Their dedication to music and maturity are beyond their years. Our school is by no means affluent, but they work with and appreciate what they have. When I told the students what the grand prize would be, their eyes lit up at the...
Submitted By Weber, Kate
Pocahontas Area Community School
We are a small rural school in northwestern Iowa. We have a good number of students in the instrumental program, but our school owned instruments are in poor repair and we have an increasing number of students who are not able to afford to purchase instruments on their own. It would be a great opportunity for our school to use this money to...
Submitted By Youngberg, Marianne

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