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In an effort to help you stay informed and be prepared for what lies ahead as we return to in-person education, NEMC is sharing some great content from our partners at MusicEdNow, Give a Note Foundation and the Yamaha Educator's Suite. Thank you for your continued support of NEMC and for all you do for young musicians. Please do not hesitate to contact us if we can make the journey any easier. 

Come Back Strong for Fall 2021:

Your Post-Pandemic Planning Guide

This multi-session series is meant to reboot and reinvigorate your recruitment and retention efforts by providing goals, ideas, action items, checklists and advocacy materials that you can use to get your administration, staff and, most importantly, prospective students excited about music making.


This session is all about laying the groundwork. The goal is to uncover any roadblocks that might present themselves later in the spring and to ensure that music has a voice at the table as plans are made for 2021-22. 


This session is focused on setting the table for credible, impactful conversations with your building principal, school board members and elementary school teachers. It’s important to proactively share information with key decision-makers to ensure the program’s voice is heard throughout the spring and the entire decision-making process.

Session 1 outlined a conversation with your building principal that will help you plan for the coming year. In this session, attention is set on having a similar conversation with your school counselors to determine how you can best partner with them to increase student enrollment by:

• Engaging another key stakeholder — your counselors
• Continuing to build momentum in recruiting efforts
• Incorporating activities specifically designed to retain beginning students

This session is focused on recruiting! With spring here, the need is to have a productive recruiting season to ensure your program is full and vibrant next fall. This session will focus on:

• In-Person Recruiting Ideas
• Virtual Recruiting Ideas
• Hybrid and Blended-Learning Recruiting Ideas

This session is focused on creative problem-solving! You might have learned your schedule has changed, so we will discuss some alternatives to teaching another music appreciation course. We also discuss new funding opportunities available through ESSRA. 

• Not Another Music Appreciation Class!
• Show Me (How to Get) the Money!
• The Power of Letter-Writing

This session is focused on accessing funding for your program in this session. There are a lot of funding opportunities available through the COVID stimulus bills for schools and music programs, and this session will offer a crash course on how to access this funding. 

• Understanding ESSER
• Navigating What's Available in Your State 
• Prepare for the Ask 
• Using ESSER Funds 


In this session, we continue our focus on recruiting. We know that recruiting is a year-long activity and the end of the spring is a great time to make a strong recruiting push to finish out the school year. 

• Ideas for Recruiting Your Parents
• Recruiting New Students
• Re-Recruiting Current Students
• Checking in with Your Admin 


We know that this year has been a challenge. We feel it, too! For this final session, each of the six contributing authors from the MusicEDNow! team will share how they are staying positive, managing fatigue and preparing for life after COVID-19. In sharing their techniques, we hope that perhaps you and your students may be able to utilize them, too. 

We hope the Post-Pandemic Planning Guide provided you the spark or idea you needed to help you prepare for the fall ahead. 

Get Esser Funds

Let's keep the momentum going as we build toward
a successful start to the upcoming school year! 


We are pleased to present the full 8-session training plan to guide you through the rest of the school year, breaking action items into manageable to-dos and helping you finish strong, with a full, robust program for Fall 2021, which can be found here: