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All Welcome


City Music Center

NEMC and City Music Center invite you to a special event where you can play and test a wide se...

Violin Maintenance Video


Changing a Violin String

Learn basic maintenance from our expert technicians

An online resource

NEMC Teachers Lounge

For All Teachers

NEMC has built this special online TEACHERS LOUNGE. It's a great idea and an excellent resource...

Park Middle School

Great video of Park Middle School's 7/8 grade band playing "Three-Minute Nutcracker." December 2011

High School Band performs!

Party Rock Anthem

Hammonton High School Band - "Party Rock Anthem"

Pep Rally Performance on October 14th, 2011. The Hammonton High School Band performs the "Party...

Nancy Stagnitta - Flute Lesson

Posture, Breathing and Response

Interlochen Arts Academy

Nancy Stagnitta, instructor of flute at Interlochen Arts Academy offers advice on improving res...

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