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Get Started with Your Violin or Viola

Alyssa Rodriguez of NEMC gives tips on how to get started playing your violin or viola.

Get Started And Assemble Your Saxophone

Fred Pasqua of NEMC shows how to assemble your saxophone, disassemble and return to case.

Get Started With Your Cello

Andy Huenerberg from NEMC shows us how to get started to play the cello.

Get Started and Assemble Your Trombone

Fred Pasqua of NEMC shows how to assemble your trombone, disassemble and return to the case.

Clarinet Embouchure Tutorial

Forming the Clarinet Embouchure

Helpful Clarinet Video

Uploaded from on 3/23/12, Julianne Kirk Doyle serves as Assistant Professor of...

Get Started with Your Drum/Bell Kit

Rob Notoris of NEMC shows all the pieces of the Drum/Bell kit and how to assemble the stand...

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