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NEMC Easy Rent

WELCOME TO NEMC EASY RENT - the country's number one musical instrument rental program.


Your child’s success in band or orchestra depends on having a quality instrument in proper playing condition that is backed by service and exchange options.


By renting through our EASY RENT PROGRAM, you can be assured that your child’s musical instrument is a quality brand, accepted in school-music programs nationwide, backed by service and warranty coverage, and ready to provide years of reliable service and enjoyment.


EASY RENT is easy, affordable, flexible and highly reliable.We have been serving music education for over 50 Years.


EASY RENT is a RENT to BUY program that provides


Top Quality Educator Approved Instruments in New or Like-New condition which you can RETURN or PURCHASE at ANYTIME.  There's No Obligation to Buy.


EASY RENT is simple, first ENTER YOUR ZIP CODE, select your school then the instrument your child wishes to play. Go through the checkout process and the instrument can be picked up at your local NEMC affiliate store or even be sent to your school. It's safe and easy.


Based on your selection you make an initial payment that covers the trial period, maintenance and service, and other options.


The trial period allows you breathing space and flexibility by giving you all the time needed to know if your child will continue to play or has selected the right instrument for them.


After the trial period is up, you simply keep the instrument and make low monthly payments until the balance is paid.


Your rental payments build equity towards the ownership of the instrument. Plus, an Early Purchase Option may be exercised at any time. If at any time during rental you return the instrument, your monthly payments will stop.


You manage your RENTAL right here at NEMC.COM - Check your account, make a payment and access your history.


Remember: With EASY RENT you can PURCHASE or RETURN the instrument at ANY TIME during the rental period!


Each instrument is covered by a Maintenance and Service Plan,  plus Limited Damage and Limited Fire & Burglary Waivers.


If your child needs to step up or switch to a larger stringed instrument, we offer a Dynamic Stringed Instrument Exchange Policy


A professional mouthpiece is supplied with every wind instrument and we provided great online support & resources.


OUR EASY PAY PLAN , enables you to have your regular monthly payments charged directly to your credit card. No Checks to fill out! No Coupons to remember! No envelopes or stamps to buy!


Our low rental fees are highly affordable for everyone and100% satisfaction guaranteed !


So start now. Give your child the very best instrument possible and start their music journey today. It's safe, affordable and NEMC easy.

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