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NEMC Teachers Lounge

NEMC has built this special online TEACHERS LOUNGE.

It's a great idea and an excellent resource filled with interesting articles and helpful videos and teaching aids.

The best thing is it allows me to nominate my schools and publish my curriculum online for my students at the various schools that I teach.

Also I have a Teachers Locker where I can upload videos, pics and articles of my school orchestra and student performances and share them with my network.

SIGNING-UP is quick and simple and TOTALLY FREE of course.

You don't have to rent or buy anything or be committed to a particular brand - it's a club for all music teachers and administrators.

All you do is fill in the form on this page and PRESTO - start to using the TEACHERS LOUNGE straight away.

Don't worry because this site is dedicated to  school bands, orchestras and music advocacy and aims to help teachers guide their students and streamline their curriculum.

Be assured, you won't be getting flooded with spam emails - the portal is purely designed for education, entertainment and  enjoyment.

So sign up now or LOGIN if you're already a member.

NEMC TEACHERS LOUNGE  - an exclusive corner of the web just for all music loving teachers.

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