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Located in Piscataway, New Jersey, the NEMC home office houses the Warehouse, Service Centers, Computer Center and General Offices for all of NEMC's programs.

For over 50 years, NEMC has supported Musicians, the Music Industry and Musical Education with a variety of services, all backed by a commitment to quality and performance.


NEMC offers a Licensed Affiliate Rental Program which enables local dealers to maintain their own store name and identity, yet enables them to offer to their community the finest musical instrument rental program in the country. This turn-key rental program includes only New and Like-New instruments, motivational mailings to parents and students, affordable equity building payment plans, full return options, service and repair coverage and much more.

Hundreds of NEMC Affiliates across the country - from Alaska to Florida - from Hawaii to New Jersey - have found the best way to be in the rental business is to let NEMC handle the risk, burden, legal work and capital investment necessary in running a rental program and for the dealer to work to take advantage of the Platinum Plan Plus commission program - offering the highest commission potential in the industry.

School budgets are stretched by NEMC's low pricing and responsiveness to bids for Musical Instrument needs.

Sales to Schools:
The NEMC Band and Orchestra Instrument Catalog provides educators and individuals with an excellent reference source and a way to increase their purchasing power.

Sales to Dealers:
Dealers: Reduce your inventory overhead. Make your working capital work harder for you by purchasing inventory for resale as you need it.

Export Sales:
As the world turns, individuals, organizations, dealers and schools turn to NEMC for their musical instrument needs.

NEMC's Multi-Brand(TM) Leasing Program enables schools to fulfill their immediate needs within annual budgets. Diversity of brands, choice of lease periods and ownership of the items at the end of the lease give schools the power they need to build their music programs.

The many programs of NEMC are all backed by a knowledgeable sales force and an extensive Brass, Woodwind, Percussion, and Stringed Instrument Service Facility.

National Educational Music Company
1110 Centennial Ave STE 2
Piscataway, NJ 08854
Serving the music community for Over 50 years.
Telephone: 800-526-4593
Email: [email protected]

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