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NEMC Licensed Authorized EasyRent Dealer Program enables you, the local community music dealer, to offer a world class rental program without the harsh set-up costs, administration burdens, distribution headaches, or capital investment!
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Thank you for your help in the opening of The Music Stop. The band instruments you supplied helped make our fall rental a huge success. It was such a success we were soon in need of more instruments. Your experienced staff made sure the inventory continued coming in a timely matter, which helped us far exceed our expectations for our first rental season. For store owners who think becoming an NEMC Affiliate is the next best thing to having the product lines themselves, I would disagree. Becoming an NEMC Authorized Dealer is the best decision they could ever make. I can't imagine having a rental program any other way
Allen Haynes, THE MUSIC STOP in TN
The Melody Shop has served thousands of satisfied customers for over 25 years and we look forward to continuing to serve our past, present, and future customers with NEMC's outstanding rental and sales program! The program's features cannot be beat, and the wide variety of brands available allows us to work with all band directors. NEMC is without question the best program for any music retailer!
Don and Shirley Schroeder, THE MELODY SHOP in IL
I have a unique perspective being first a public school music teacher and then a music store owner. The most important thing teachers and parents are looking for is reliable good quality equipment at a good price. NEMC over the years has proven itself over and over again to be a fantastic affiliation for us, through its quality instruments, repair facility, and knowledgeable staff. Recently I sent a staff member to the NEMC facility for repair basic training. The experience was first rate and the skills learned have proven to be very useful. NEMC is a first rate classy organization and I highly recommend them for your school rental requirements