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Welcome. This is a Community Based Library that contains a great collection of articles and videos to help you learn more about the wonderful benefits MUSIC brings to our lives. These resources set out to offer helpful advice and tips that will guide you and your family along your path of musical exploration.
We need your help! We want your input. That’s right. It is our goal to build this whole resource library around great information from you as well as NEMC and its affiliates.
Our COMMUNITY section is dedicated to CREATIVE EXPRESSION. If you have a video of a performance or an event we would love to showcase it here so it can be shared with your friends and other music lovers. You might even create and submit a “how to” or “tips” video which other musicians will find useful and helpful. Or maybe you’ve read an interesting article about music or a musician that you think others might benefit from and enjoy.
We look forward to your return visits and contributions.

Why Music Matters
Twelve Benefits of Music Education
Music - Top Ten for Parents
Music - Top Ten for Music Directors
Music is Good for All Ages
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Nancy Stagnitta - Flute Lesson

Posture, Breathing and Response

Interlochen Arts Academy

Nancy Stagnitta, instructor of flute at Interlochen Arts Academy offers advice on improving res...

Music belongs in public schools

Music in Public Schools

Music Education Advocacy

Uploaded by ArtistsHouseMusic on Jan 21, 2008. In this http://www.artistshousemusic.org intervi...

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