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Which instruments do you rent? +
Where can I get needed accessories? +
What brands of instruments do you offer & can I choose? +
Do rental instruments include a mouthpiece? +
How do I know what size stringed instrument my child needs? +
What is the difference between New, Like-New and Previously Rented instruments? +

Online Ordering

Can I rent an instrument if I do not find my school? +
Can I have my online order delivered to the school? +
When will my rental instrument be delivered to the school? +
Did my online rental go through?+
Can you provide the shipping & tracking info for my order?+

Rental Payments

Can I make my NEMC rental payments online? +
Can I see the balance on my account online?+
How can I update my payment card? +
Where can I send a payment by check?+
Can I call to make a payment?+


See our Parent Guide for Online Access

How do I access my rental account online? +
How do I access my 2nd child's rental account online? +


Can I exchange my instrument?+
How do I exchange to a larger stringed instrument? +
Can I return the instrument at any time? +
Are there reimbursements if I return the instrument before the end of the initial rental period?+
Are there other fees outside of the rental price?+
Am I leasing or financing my child’s instrument and is interest charged?+
Can I purchase my rental instrument at any time?+
How is my Damage Waiver coverage affected after instrument purchase?+
Using rental equity to purchase an intermediate or professional instrument?+
Do you purchase back instruments?+


Where can I get a repair for my rental instrument?+
How can I get a replacement case?+
Where do I go for EasyCare365?+
Need additional help?+