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  • Frequently Asked Questions

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Rental Program

Why enroll your child in school band or orchestra?

Learning to play a musical instrument in school provides a lifetime of benefits. NEMC can help parents and students get started with The NEMC Parents' Guide to Joining School Band & Orchestra.

Is playing a musical instrument safe?

With many schools around the country getting ready to resume in person band and orchestra programs look to NEMC for the protective equipment needed to limit aerosol transmission and more safely resume in person instruction. Learn more about recent studies on playing safety and equipment for wind istruments and musicians. You can also learn more about The NEMC Rental Musical Instrument Cleaning and Sanitization Process for all our rental instruments.

Which instruments do you rent?

You can see the complete list of instruments available for rental, and even hear a sample of some of the most popular instruments, on the NEMC website. Our Instrument Selection Guide will show you all of the instruments available for rental. This page will also give you a brief description of the most popular instruments such as: Trumpet, Flute, Clarinet, Saxophone, Trombone, Violin, Viola and Cello.

Does the rental instrument include a mouthpiece?

Yes, all of our rental instruments contain a mouthpiece for the instrument.

What will be the total price to purchase my instrument?

The total price to purchase an instrument will depend on the instrument brand, model and condition that is rented. To obtain the purchase amount for your specific instrument, including equity accrued, you can login to your account on the Parent Portal or refer to the disclosures of your Rental Purchase Agreement. If you prefer you can call NEMC's customer service team at 800-526-4593 and one of our representatives can look up your account details for you.

I see you offer an exchange program for your rental customers. Can you explain your program?

If you are renting a stringed instrument you can exchange to a larger size anytime throughout the rental contract (and beyond) and your rental equity carries over to the next size instrument. All other instruments can be exchanged once anytime during the first 12 months of the rental for a nominal exchange fee and your rental equity will carry over to the 2nd instrument account. Please note that an exchange must be for the same student. See our exchange policy here

Am I leasing or financing my child’s instrument? Is there interest charged?

Your NEMC instrument is rented on a Rental Purchase Agreement which does not charge interest and offers exchange, service and return options not available from a traditional instrument purchase. Rental payments accrue equity toward the ownership of your rental instrument and full disclosures are provided in your rental agreement.

Can I return the instrument at any time? Am I further obligated?

Yes! Although we are always sorry to hear when a student won't be continuing in the school music program, you can return the instrument at any time during the rental, and you will only be obligated to pay the monthly bills that covered the amount of time you had the instrument. If your account is current at the time of return you will have no further obligation. We sincerely hope that your student had a positive experience with music, and wish them well with their other school studies.

The instrument can be taken to your local NEMC Authorized Dealer where it was initially rented and the staff will issue you an emailed or written receipt. The emailed receipt option automatically returns the instrument in our system and closes your account. If you received your instrument through your school via an Educational Representative, you can contact the local NEMC Authorized Dealer who will instruct you on how to return the instrument to them.

If you rented directly from NEMC, then you can return the instrument directly to our corporate location at 1110 Centennial Ave, Suite 2, Piscataway, NJ 08854 and our friendly customer service representatives will handle everything for you. If this location isn't convenient for you and/or we shipped the instrument directly to your home, please call 800-526-4593 and our customer service team can walk you through what's needed.

Are there reimbursements if I return the instrument before the end of the initial rental period?

Although we realize a band or orchestral instrument rental may not satisfy every child's artistic or creative needs, NEMC's initial rental payment is not refundable. If the instrument is returned prior to the end of the trial period the initial payment is not prorated or refunded; however, NEMC will consider an exception if there is a note from a medical professional explaining a medical or dental hardship for the student. Please contact NEMC's Customer Service team at 800-526-4593 or [email protected] for consideration.

How do I know what size stringed instrument my child needs?

Although NEMC generally defers to your child's music teacher to determine the appropriate size of stringed instrument needed, NEMC offers our online video - Stringed Instrument Measurement Guide for Violin and Viola as well as a PDF guide located at Resources >> Downloads

How do I return the instrument?

  1. If you rented your instrument through one of our Authorized Dealers you can take the instrument to them for return and they will issue you a receipt which can be emailed directly to your Inbox. The dealer can enter your return in the system and close your account.
  2. If you received the instrument at the school via an Educational Rep delivery or had the instrument shipped to your home, you can contact our customer service team at 800-526-4593 for a local dealer, or the representative will arrange a return for you.
  3. If you rented directly from NEMC's location in Piscataway, NJ please return the instrument directly to our corporate location, 1110 Centennial Ave, Suite 2, Piscataway, NJ 08854. Hours of operation are M-F 9:00am-5:00pm EST.

It's the end of the school year and my child may not play during the summer. If I return now, can I pick it up again in the fall?

We encourage every child to keep the instrument over the summer and practice to keep up their skills, especially if they plan on playing the following school year. This also ensures that you won't lose any rental equity you have built up over the course of the school year. Once the instrument is returned the rental equity is lost and can not be added to a new rental initiated in the fall.

Can I use my rental equity to purchase an intermediate or professional instrument?

Yes! During the first 12 months of your rental, you may use your rental equity towards the purchase of an intermediate or professional instrument. Please contact our Customer Service team with the brand and model of the instrument desired to start this process for you!

Do you purchase back instruments?

Although some of our Authorized Dealers do offer buyback programs for sold rental instruments, NEMC does not purchase back instruments. If you find that your child no longer wishes to play but want to ensure the instrument is used, please consider a donation of the instrument which would also yield a tax writeoff. The Mr. Holland’s Opus Foundation keeps music alive in our schools by donating musical instruments to under-funded music programs nationwide, giving economically-disadvantaged youth access to the many benefits of music education. For more information, please visit their website at

Are there other fees outside of the rental price?

Other than the rental amount there is an initial and monthly fee for our optional DW coverage and applicable sales tax. Our reasonably priced Damage Waiver (DW) coverage covers repairs on the instrument, as well as for loss of the instrument due to theft, fire, flood or burglary.

Can I rent an instrument if I do not find my school?

Although we have tried to include every public and private school in our database, the answer is Yes! Just click on the " Or Continue without selecting a school" link at the top or bottom of the school list. This will allow you to complete the online rental without selecting a school.

Online Access

Can I change (or can you reset) my password for me?

You can change your password by following the Forgot Username/Password link on the Parent Portal. Select the "Forgot Username and Password" option on the screen and a link to reset your password along with your Username will be emailed to you at the email address on file.

Can you help me access my 2nd child's rental account online?

Account access is based on a common email address for your accounts. If your email address is different than the one used on your first account, our customer service team can help consolidate your accounts. You can email us at [email protected] or even see our Parent Guide for Online Access for additional assistance.

What is the easiest way for me to access my rental account online?

The easiest way to access your account is through the Parent Portal. On the NEMC website click on "My Rental Account" from the Parents drop down menu in the top red band.

  1. If you rented online your credentials were set up during the rental process.
  2. If you rented using a paper contract and included an email address there are just 3 easy steps to follow to set up your account

Once set up you will have full access to your account to view details, make payments, update EasyPay payment card information and more.
Also see our Parent Guide for Online Access

Online Ordering

Can I have my online order delivered to the school?

If your NEMC Authorized Dealer offers school delivery through an Educational Representative, the delivery option will be offered during the online rental process. If not, the instrument can be picked up conveniently at the store. If your desired rental instrument is currently out of stock at the Authorized Dealer, you will have the option of having the instrument shipped from our New Jersey warehouse directly to the store or to your home or office address. A UPS tracking number will also be provided and emailed to you at the end of the shipping day for your convenience.

When will my rental instrument be delivered to the school?

Your instrument will be delivered to the school by an Educational Representative on their next visit day after your order is processed.

Did my online rental go through?

Every online rental order confirmation is emailed to you, the customer, as well as to the NEMC Authorized Dealer and to NEMC's webmaster account. Please contact our Customer Service team at 800-526-4593 or [email protected] if you viewed a confirmation message onscreen but did not receive the emailed confirmation.

Can you verify my order shipment address, and how long will it take to arrive?

Your order confirmation email will automatically include the shipping address. An email with the tracking number will be sent to you prior to your order leaving our NJ warehouse so you can trace it en route to your location. Please note there is also a UPS tool available when you are first placing your instrument in your shopping cart which will provide the estimated delivery date for you.

Can you provide the tracking number for my rental order?

A follow up email separate from the order confirmation will be sent prior to your instrument leaving our warehouse. This message will include the UPS tracking number. Please note that the tracking number will become valid once the UPS driver scans the carton when he picks up the package at the end of the shipping day.

Rental Instruments

Where can I learn more about my child's instrument and accessories they may need for it?

Our website has some helpful tips and guidelines regarding many of the more popular instruments. To learn about maintenance, cleaning, and general guidance, visit Instrument Care Instructions Furthermore, you can access additional articles and videos on maintenance and performance at our Resource Library.

My child wants to play the saxophone. As a beginner which one should I rent, the alto or the tenor?

Most beginning saxophonists start on the Eb alto saxophone which is better suited for younger players. As your child becomes more proficient on their instrument, the music instructor might suggest they move to the tenor saxophone which is a little larger, heavier and is primarily utilized in middle and high school concert bands and jazz bands in school music programs. Please ask your child's music instructor if you have any questions regarding the best instrument choice for your child.

Where can I get a repair performed on my rental instrument?

  1. If you rented your instrument at one of our Authorized Dealers you can take your instrument to them for repair and they will handle repairing the instrument or shipping it to NEMC for repair.
  2. If your rental instrument was shipped to your home as an EasyRent Direct order, you can call our customer service department at 800-526-4593 and one of our representatives will arrange to have the instrument shipped to our repair shop for immediate service.

I understand you offer New, Like-New and Previously Rented instruments. Can you explain the differences?

New instruments are brand new from the manufacturer and have never been rented. Like-New instruments have been rented before but look and play as new. Previously Rented have been rented a few times and may have a few cosmetic flaws but are refurbished to play as new.

Can I purchase my rental instrument at any time? Are there any early purchase discounts available?

Yes! You can purchase the instrument you are renting at any time. The monthly rental payments you make build equity for you to use towards the purchase of your instrument. You can see your purchase price and any applicable discount in your account on the Parent Portal. If you prefer you can also call NEMC's customer service team at 800-526-4593 and one of our representatives can look up the early purchase price on your account and verify any applicable discount.

I've purchased my rental instrument early with a discount. How is my Damage Waiver coverage affected?

By exercising the Early Purchase Option, parents can obtain ownership of their rental instrument with the application of a discount on the cash price balance of their instrument (plus tax) as well as the elimination of the Damage Waiver for the remainder of the contract. The Damage Waiver coverage remains in force for 30 days after the final payment is made through the Early Purchase Discount program.

How can I exchange to a larger stringed instrument?

To exchange your instrument you will need to visit the local Authorized Dealer where you originally rented your instrument and they will be able to assist you in completing the exchange to the next size stringed instrument. If you rented at a school or had your instrument shipped to your home you can contact NEMC's customer service team at 800-526-4593 and one of our representatives will be able to help you with the exchange process.

How can I get a replacement case?

Replacement of expendable accessories such as cases, strings, and reeds, etc are not covered by the Damage Waiver fee; however, NEMC sometimes makes exceptions based on Issue Date and special circumstances. You can contact NEMC customer service at 800-526-4593 and one of our representatives can assist you in purchasing a new case or reviewing your account to see if it can be replaced at no cost to you.

What brands of instruments do you offer and can I choose one through the website?

We offer many brands such as Jupiter, Gemeinhardt, Buffet, Holton and others. All of the brands we offer are educator approved brands. Unfortunately you can not select the brand on the website due to the ever changing stock in our warehouse. We do ensure that each and every instrument that is sent out is educator approved.

Rental Payments

What is the breakdown of my rental payment? Can I see the balance on my account online?

Your monthly rental payment consists of the rental amount, the Damage Waiver fee (optional on contracts starting Fall 2015) and any applicable sales tax. The balance on your rental account is available online on our parent portal with a user sign in to your account. Please see our Parent Guide for Online Access for additional assistance.

How can I update my payment card?

You can update your payment card online in your Parent Portal account. Once you login to your account click View Account/Make Payment, then click Edit under Payment Information to update your credit or debit card. You can view our Parent Guide for Online Access for additional assistance, or if you prefer you can call NEMC Customer Service at 800-526-4593 and one of our Customer Service representatives will be more than happy to assist you.

I prefer to mail a paper check monthly. Where do I send my payment?

Although we encourage all customers to sign up for the EasyPay plan we do understand some customers prefer to mail payments. Payments can be mailed to NEMC, P.O. Box 40145, Newark, NJ 07101. Please be sure to include your rental account number or the instrument barcode number in the memo section of your check for expedited processing.

Can I call in to make a payment or two?

Yes, you can call NEMC Customer Service at 800-526-4593 (M-F 9:00am-5:00pm ET) to make payments or you can log in at any time to your account online and make payments directly. Once you login to your account click View Account/Make Payment, select how many payments you would like to make, update the payment card if needed and then click Pay Now. You can also see our Parent Guide for Online Access for additional assistance.

Can I make my NEMC rental payments online?

Absolutely! There are several payment options available:

  1. We offer our EasyPay Monthly Rental Payment Plan where the monthly fee is automatically billed to your credit or debit card, on time every month. Many of our customers opt for this plan for its convenience.
  2. Another option is the use of our Online Payment Program. Once logged into your Parent Portal account, click on Manage Your Account, then View Account/Make Payment next to your account information.
  3. For convenience, customers can also opt for Emailed Billing Notices which will send a payment reminder notice to your Email Inbox one week prior to the payment due date. This option is located under the Your Account section.


Where do I go for EasyCare365?

If your instrument requires maintenance or repair, contact your local music dealer where you originally rented your instrument, or NEMC's Customer Service team at 800-526-4593.


How can I request a catalog from NEMC?

NEMC launched an interactive online sales catalog in 2015 for consumers, music educators and music dealers at our retail website, ShopNemc. This site has replaced our previously printed catalogs.


NEMC Customer Service can be contacted at 800-526-4593 (M-F 9:00am-5:00pm ET).