• Instructions for cello care

Cello Care and Maintenance



When not using your instrument, keep it in its case to help protect it and prevent possible damage. Do not lean it against a table or wall where it could fall and become damaged. Do not expose it to extremes in temperature or store in direct sunlight or near heat sources. Avoid getting it wet.


Loosen the bow when not in use. Keep polish and fingers away from the bow hair.


Rosin dust should be removed immediately after each playing. Use a polishing cloth to wipe down the strings and the body of your instrument after every playing session.


Periodic polishing with Instrument Polish will help maintain the luster. DO NOT USE ALCOHOL. Alcohol is a solvent and can damage the varnish.


To tune your instrument, match the pitch produced with the pitch pipe to the sound of the corresponding plucked string by turning the fine tuner clockwise to raise the pitch and counter clockwise to lower it.Tuning your instrument takes practice. As a beginner, you will find it easier (and less likely to break a string) to only use your fine tuners unless greatly out of tune.


Prevent your instrument’s end pin from sliding on smooth surfaces by placing the end pin in the end pin holder.


Plan to have your instrument serviced on a yearly basis by a qualified repair technician. Early summer is a great time to do this. Annual maintenance will keep your instrument in optimal playing condition for years to come.

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