• Saxophone Instrument Care Instruction

Saxophone care and maintenance


Assembly of your saxophone requires patience and care to avoid damage to the keys. Your music teacher will show you how to assemble your saxophone. Additionally you can view the Get Started and Assemble Your Saxophone video, which all covers all the fundamentals of saxophone assembly.


When not using your instrument, keep it in its case to help protect it and prevent possible damage. Never store lesson books or other large items in the case as the added pressure on the keys could bend them. Do not expose your instrument to extremes in temperature or store in direct sun light or near heat sources. Avoid getting it wet.


While playing, the inside of your saxophone collects moisture from warm air blown into it. This moisture must be removed daily to prevent damage and keep your instrument clean. After playing remove your reed from the mouthpiece, wipe it off and store it in your reed guard. To clean the body, remove the mouthpiece and neck, drop the weighted end of your swab into the bell, and turn the instrument upside down to allow the cord to fallout the other end. Pull the swab gently through, then repeat. Remove oils and perspiration that can damage the finish by gently wiping the outside of your instrument with a lint free polishing cloth.


Install a thumb rest cushion to make holding your saxophone more comfortable. Slide it over the thumb rest located on the back of the instrument until it rests against the body.


The mouthpiece should be cleaned weekly using warm (not hot!) soapy water and the mouthpiece brush to remove deposits and keep your instrument sanitary. Keep the neck cork clean and greased. Apply a small amount of cork grease if it is difficult to slide the mouthpiece onto the neck of the instrument.


Plan to have your instrument serviced on a yearly basis by a qualified repair technician. Early summer is a great time to do this. Annual maintenance will keep your instrument in optimal playing condition for years to come.

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