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All About Drum and Bell Kits

The student drum and bell kit combines a wood-shell snare drum with 2.5 octave bells for beginner percussionists. The snare drum has two heads which were traditionally made of calf or goat skin but today consist of Mylar plastic, along with stiff wires stretched taut along the bottom head called “snares.” The drum puts forth a sharp staccato sound when struck along with a distinctive rattle produced by the snares. The bell kit, also known as a glockenspiel, is comprised of pitched aluminum or steel bars arranged in a keyboard layout. Played by striking the bars with hard metal or plastic mallets, the bell kit is known for its clear, high-pitched tone. Both essential pieces in a percussionist’s repertoire, the snare drum and bell kit are ideal for concert bands and orchestras, marching bands, and a wide range of popular music genres.


New or like new teacher approved brand, snare drum and 2.5 octave keyboard, adjustable stands, pratice pad, sticks, mallets and roller bag

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The NEMC EasyRent Plan is Designed for You

It’s the easiest and most affordable way to rent a school band or orchestral instrument for your child!

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Your Easiest Way to Rent

Simply start by renting for an initial trial period to help you determine your child's interest without the large financial investment. Then just continue renting monthly for as long as you like or return any time, because we all know kids can change their minds! The plan even allows for instrument exchanges without losing your equity. All payments apply towards purchase of the instrument and we offer discounts for early buyout. And don't worry, with our optional damage waiver you get peace of mind with instrument protection for repairs and maintenance costs.

EasyRent Program Benefits

  • Educator approved brands in new or like-new condition.
  • Affordable monthly rental cost builds equity towards purchase.
  • No credit check or deposit required.
  • Buy, exchange, upgrade or cancel at any time.
  • Get service via free return shipping or a dealer near you.
  • Optional instrument protection available.
EasyRent Program FAQs!
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The Guide to Drum and Bell Kit Rental

Renting your Drum and Bell Kit vs. Buying

Most beginning percussionists start their musical journey by renting their first instrument. When it comes to drum and bell kits, as well as most convert band and orchestra instruments, there are numerous advantages to renting over buying.

Renting is more affordable

Purchasing a new drum and bell kit can easily cost five hundred dollars and up. By contrast, you can rent a drum and bell kit for just around $30 per month. And if you rent from NEMC, all the money you pay in rent can be applied to purchase.

Kids can change their minds

As a parent you know, what a child is excited about one day can change the next. Compared to the high upfront cost of buying, renting a bell and drum kit gives you much greater flexibility. If they decide they’d rather play something else, you can easily swap your rental to a different instrument usually for no added cost. If they decide not to continue in band, you can cancel your rental at any time with no penalty.

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What to look for in a drum & bell kit rental package

Not all music instrument rental programs are created equal.
Here’s what you should look for when renting a drum and bell kit.

Damage Waiver

Kids can be hard on instruments and things can happen through no fault of their own. Make sure whomever you rent your instrument from offers insurance against the expense of accidental damage, maintenance and loss due to fire and theft.

Included Maintenance

Drum and bell kits, like any musical instrument, are subject to wear and tear and need to be maintained. Make sure the rental program you choose offers repair service at low or no additional cost.

Easy Return or Exchange

Kids’ interests can change. So make sure you can easily change your rental instrument or return it with no penalty or added costs.

Rent to Own

Better rental programs will apply your rental payments towards the cost of purchase. Choosing one of them will give you more for your money… and an instrument at the end.

Ability to Upgrade

When your child advances at percussion, they may grow out of the beginner-level model. NEMC and other quality rental programs offer you the ability to upgrade your rental rather than lock you into the old instrument.